After writing several fiction manuscripts, I decided to make the leap to publishing them in 2013. Realizing I had been held back by my own brain for many years, I finally committed to finishing the novels and getting them out into mainstream. I realized I had a creative side. I was being selfish. Might as well let the public share in the mysteries and thrillers playing themselves out in my mind. These posts represent my journeys thus far. I hope they help you enjoy!

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Same Sins Separate Paths


Growing up on the rough streets of Baltimore Maryland, Titus Wilcox never imagined that one day, he’d be standing in the front of nine appellate court justices defending, no fighting, for the life of Wilfred "CArJAk" Grimes, his closest friend and confidant, a foolhardy  "Merliner" whose life was plummeting to an inevitably bad conclusion.


And for what, the December 2010 murder, executive style, of Titus Wilcox’s brother, Sexton Wilcox, the late kingpin dope dealer.


Ungodly Promises


The community of James Island South Cariolina wants ansers leading to the arrests of the assailant , the murderer of nineteen years Chrisitian Mathis  who slash her throat and then dropped her booy off at the dark forest around Sables Brick and Motar.

Conceptions of the Heart and Mind


CONCEPTIONS OF THE HEART AND MIND is an even blend of poetry and prose that will make you think, make you smile, and cause you to get in touch with your sensuality. Most importantly, it will make you want to love somebody. It will take you to church and allow you to consider the things on the congregation’s mind. It will help you to stay in touch with your blackness and make you want to unite with your brothas and sistas everywhere. It will make you colorblind and want to unite with people of all races, creed, the poor and the rich and others in need.  Help me get the word out about CONCEPTIONS OF THE HEART AND MIND and if you find its reading enjoyable, convince your friends to buy a copy.

Maddening Truths: The Lines Between Black & White


It is 2001 and I am hired on board with a black owned company which was doing business as a Independent Provider Association (IPA). The owners were black, the CEO was black; hell, seventy percent of the staff was black. Most important of all, at least to me, is that I was black too.  Actually, I was pro-black, not a racist, just down for my bros.  Imagine my angst upon discovering that the feeling among my African American bros, who owned the company was not mutual or discovering that there was such thing as black on black racism.  My ax to grind with the white populace remained steadfast but I soon became hipped that there were black on black issues that needed to be dealth with as well. This project will detail the aspects of what we hate about White people as well as it will give an account for the things we hate about our own kind.